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Bead Bar System Development :: Business Analysis Management Strategy

Dab Bar System Development This article will focus on the inside arrangement of the Bead Bar. The Bead Bar is a foundation that allows its purchasers to deliver their own outfit adornments utilizing rigging, for example, wire, dabs and string. By and by, there are three parts of the business made out of one studio, two establishments, and three dab Bars ready. The job of the Bead Bar studio is to manage the six Bead Bar studios that have 2 areas in New York City, Long Island Boston, Washington D.C. what's more, the lead in New Canaan, Connecticut. The establishment segment has the assignment of elevating beading supplies to stores that desire to open their own studio area. The establishment areas are situated in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Chicago, Seattle, and Miami. The Bead Bar on Board is a moveable Bead Bar expected particularly for voyage ships. The organization is ordered of 15 full-time workers and 20 low maintenance representatives. The Bead Bar has toiled with their organization because of absence of productive devices. Authorities at the Bead Bar settled on the decision to build up their business by getting coaches to help them with making basic changes in accordance with the business. In earlier years, great association has been a situation for the explanation that the frameworks that were set up helped them to exploit some needs.

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Terrorism And Human Rights Abuses Free Essays

Psychological warfare and Human Rights Abuses in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf The Balkans, notwithstanding being a moderately little territory, is home to a broad arrangement of nationalities, societies and religions (Popescu, 2008). Consequently, it is inescapable that any adjustments to be determined between them will have significant political, social and monetary results that will influence the whole locale (Popescu, 2008). Psychological oppressor bunches exploited the unsteadiness achieved by the doubt of Balkan social orders in their individual governments (Popescu, 2008). We will compose a custom paper test on Psychological warfare And Human Rights Abuses or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now Therefore, they effectively transformed the district into a rearing ground for radical and fundamentalist gatherings, just as a â€Å"transit corridor† for missions in third nations (Popescu, 2008). The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the 1990s, for example, started from the craving of the Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) to set up an Islamic state (Popescu, 2008). They utilized Islam as a â€Å"nationalistic rhetoric,† comparing the endurance of their nation with the reclamation of Muslim national personality (Popescu, 2008). The Bosniaks were upheld by Islamic nations, for example, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Libya and Iran, furnishing them with weapons and fighters (Popescu, 2008). From 1992 to 1995, 6,000 â€Å"Arab-Afghan† rebels went to the nation to battle in the threatening vibe (Popescu, 2008). After 9/11, larger part of the beneficent foundations in Bosnia-Herzegovina were explored and shut down because of their supposed binds with fear based oppressor associations like the Al-Qaeda (Popescu, 2008). In March 2002, police attacked the Bosanska Idealna Futura-BIF, a Sarajevo-based philanthropic association (Popescu, 2008). They discovered military manuals, fashioned visas, weapons and individual correspondence between Osama container Laden and BIF originator Enaam Mahmud Arnaout (Popescu, 2008). Human rights maltreatment by Persian Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, and so forth ) and psychological militant assaults against US interests were both expected to supress political resistance. In spite of openly decrying â€Å"American imperialism,† the previously mentioned nations are famous for horribly damaging the human privileges of their residents (Simbulan, 2002). Greater part of political detainees in the Persian inlet countries were confined for revolting against defilement and tyranny in their separate nations (Simbulan, 2002). Conspicuous Omani dramatist and human rights lobbyist Abdullah Ryami was detained on July 2005 for vocally reprimanding the Omani government’s capture and preliminary of 31 Omanis having a place with the Ibadi organization for supposedly plotting an overthrow (Human Rights Watch, 2005). At the hour of his detainment, he had no contact with his family or a lawful direction (Human Rights Watch, 2005). He was additionally restricted from writing in papers and delivering plays for TV (Human Rights Watch, 2005). On December 2007, activists in Bahrain organized a progression of showings to â€Å"mark maltreatment by security powers during political turmoil in the 1990s† (Human Rights Watch, 2008). Many individuals were captured in the fierce dispersals that followed, including resistance political activists who fought the Bahraini government’s suppression of common freedoms (Human Rights Watch, 2008). In January 2008, prisoners griped of being exposed to physical and sexual maltreatment by questioners and corrections officers (Human Rights Watch, 2008). The prisoners’ demand for free doctors to look at the degree of their wounds was additionally denied (Human Rights Watch, 2008). The breakdown of the Soviet Union added to fear monger exercises in Eastern Europe by making its recently shaped republics increasingly helpless against American military intercession (Howstuffworks, 2008). After the Soviet coalition fell, the US developed as the world’s remaining superpower (Howstuffworks, 2008). The separation of the Soviet Union allowed the US simple access to its characteristic assets, especially oil (Howstuffworks, 2008). The section beneath summed up the region’s potential: Afghanistan involves the focal situation in the U. S. technique for the monetary control of the oil and gas assets in the whole Middle East. The U. S. right now imports 51 percent of its raw petroleum †19. 5 million barrels every day. The Energy Information Administration evaluates that by 2020, the U. S. will import 64 percent of its rough †25. 8 million barrels every day. Caspian locale oil stores may be the third biggest on the planet (after Western Siberia and the Persian Gulf) and, inside the following 15 to 20 years, might be sufficiently enormous to counterbalance Persian Gulf oil. Caspian Sea oil and gas are by all account not the only hydrocarbon stores in the district. Turkmenistan’s Karakum Desert holds the world’s third biggest gas saves †three trillion cubic meters †and has six billion barrels of evaluated oil saves. Current evaluations show that, notwithstanding enormous gas stores, the Caspian bowl may hold as much as 200 billion barrels of oil †multiple times the assessed possessions of Alaska’s North Slope and a present estimation of $4 trillion. It is sufficient to meet the U. S. ‘ vitality requirements for a long time or more (Yechury, 2001). Consequently, it was done astounding if the US pronounced war against the Taliban system of Afghanistan. Be that as it may, greater part of the radical and psychological militant gatherings in the previous Soviet Bloc and in Eastern Europe are aligned with the Taliban, as the Taliban furnished them with weapons, preparing and labor (Godoy, 2001). In this way, the US should confront a greater danger of fear based oppression in Eastern Europe. References __________. (2002, October). The Oil Equation in the US Bid against Iraq. Instruction for Development, 1, 15-16. Capdevila, G. (2002, October). Active UN Human Rights Chief Repeats Criticisms against US. Instruction for Development, 1, 30-31. Deen, T. (2002, October). UN Credibility at Stake over Iraq, Warn Diplomats. Training for Development, 1, 10-11. Godoy, J. (2001, November 15). US Policy Towards Taliban Influenced by Oil †Authors. Recovered February 28, 2008 from http://www. commondreams. organization/headlines01/1115-06. htm. Howstuffworks. (2008). The Fall of the Soviet Union and the Rise of Terrorism. Recovered February 28, 2008 from http://history. howstuffworks. com/cold-war/the-cool war-timeline4. htm. Human Rights Watch. (2005, July 18). Oman: Critics Subjected to Injustices They Had Exposed. Recovered February 28, 2008 from http://hrw. organization/english/docs/2005/07/18/oman11343. htm. Human Rights Watch. (2008, January 21). Bahrain: Investigate Alleged Torture of Activists. Recovered February 28, 2008 from http://hrw. organization/english/docs/2008/01/21/bahrai17838. htm. Human Rights Watch. (2008, February 16). Bahrain: New Allegations of Detainee Abuse. Recovered February 28, 2008 from http://hrw. organization/english/docs/2008/02/16/bahrai18083. htm. Projection, J. (2002, October). US Vision of Might and Right. Instruction for Development, 1, 3-5. Popescu, Teodora. (2008). Handling Terrorism in the Balkans. PDF File. Recovered February 28, 2008 from sparky. harvard. edu/kokkalis/GSW9/Popescu_paper. pdf. Simbulan, R. (2002, October). Why the UN Must Defend Iraq against the US War of Aggression. Instruction for Development, 1, 48-50. Yechury, Sitram. (2001). America, Oil and Afghanistan. Recovered February 28, 2008 from http://www. hinduonnet. com/2001/10/13/stories/05132524. htm. Step by step instructions to refer to Terrorism And Human Rights Abuses, Papers

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Hero’s Heart Essay

â€Å"Not the sparkling weapon battles the battle, yet rather the hero’s heart. † (Proverbs Quotes) I concur with Proverbs, that the hero’s heart battles the battle since I accept that a legend can be a saint without utilizing a weapon. I accept that a saint is somebody that is intellectually solid and can lead, that it is demonstrating commitment to a journey, and that isn't surrendering in any event, when your general surroundings appears as though it has abandoned you. Courage is being fit for being intellectually solid and can be a pioneer. In the sonnet A Man by Nina Cassian a man has lost an arm in while battling for his nation. The man realizes that he â€Å"shall just have the option to get things done by equal parts. † (Line 3) Even however â€Å"the man† has lost an arm he understood that he needed to â€Å"set himself to do everything with twice as much eagerness. † The man perceives his restrictions yet at the same time has the will in his psyche to push forward and live constantly life as a result of one minimal set back. Additionally, a little girl expounds on her mom, Ana, who is battling through malignant growth. Ana’s little girl says that despite the fact that she is experiencing disease again â€Å"she gets up with a grin and still has the solidarity to be a mother to me. † This shows Ana is intellectually solid since she can think about her friends and family concerning another person they would no doubt surrender and not have any desire to manage the agony any more, particularly on the off chance that they have just experienced malignant growth and it has returned. What's more, in the film Mulan, the principle character must be solid and assume her father’s position in the military to spare his life. She must be intellectually solid to manage everything that she may confront when she does battle. Instances of valor are when individuals, regardless of whether they are genuine individuals in films or characters out of books devote their lives to a mission. In the Odyssey, Odysseus goes on the journey of executing the Cyclops. He needs to go on this mission with the goal that he can secure the individuals in his town. He is a saint since he gave the Cyclops wine â€Å"so that he could taste the kind of drink he carried on his boat. † This shows he is a saint that goes on a mission since he needed to give the Cyclops wine so as to execute him once he got alcoholic. Another case of valor is Mulan the film. In the film Mulan, Mulan goes on a journey with the Chinese armed force to replace her dad since he was too debilitated to even consider fighting; therefor Mulan decided to take on the appearance of man to spare her father’s life. In the sections composed by Ana’s relatives, they all vibe that she is â€Å"strong† and that she has the â€Å"strength to continue each a regular. † Ana’s journey makes her a legend in light of the fact that despite the fact that she experiencing a difficult time she never surrenders. Valor isn't surrendering when your general surroundings appears as though they have abandoned you. For in the sonnet A Man, he doesn't quit any pretense of carrying on with his life despite the fact that he has lost an arm. He has transformed this mishap into a positive. He accepts that â€Å"where the arm had been torn away a wing developed. † (Lines 17-18) I accept that this shows the man not surrendering in light of the fact that he could have effectively let his arm that was lost be what he centers around practically consistently however rather makes it something to be thankful for. The man â€Å"set himself to do everything with twice as much energy. † Also, Ana, a malignancy understanding needs to remain solid for her family. The main thing shielding Ana from surrendering is her caring family. Ana’s little girl expresses that her mom says â€Å"keep going; continue onward, similar to a mammoth watchman holy messenger over the thundering group. † (Piece 3-lines 5-6) Lastly in Moco Limping, a pooch named Moco had a dead leg. Moco needs his proprietor to cherish him as much as he adores him. â€Å"I feel his warm hide and his defect is overlooked. † In present day life the mainstream society causes everything to appear as on the off chance that you don’t get popularity for it, at that point it isn't significant. Bravery isn’t about the popularity and fortune, it’s about accomplishing something for another person or only for yourself; implying that a legend is somebody that is valiant and has honorable characteristics. Being a legend can be as straightforward as sparing one’s feline from a tree, hauling a canine out of an entire, or in any event, battling a ghastly ailment like malignant growth. At the point when you have the resolution and the fortitude to plan something for help another person or ensure them you could be viewed as that person’s legend. You can't be sure whether you are a legend until you accomplish something courageous. All through the way toward breaking down these chivalrous characteristics I have understood that a legend can be a regular individual in regular daily existence. On the off chance that I am ever given the assignment to ascend and turn into a legend like the individuals and things I broke down I trust I will have the mental fortitude like my characters did.

Operations Management free essay sample

A portion of the instruments used to decide these imperatives incorporate systems administration and deciding the basic way of a task, which is the succession of exercises that frames the longest chain as far as time to finish. Not until these groupings have been resolved can investigators and directors see the impact of different components on a whole task as found in the Campus Wedding cases. System outline: Case questions: Case A: 1. Given the exercises and priority connections depicted in the (A) case, build up a system outline for the wedding plans. SEE ABOVE) 2. Recognize the ways. Which are basic? The primary pathways have been distinguished in the outline above. The basic pathways are as per the following:  ·Start a pick example of dress a request and get trim a sewing the dress a cleaning squeezing a fitting a completion  ·Start a picking greeting a printing by Bob a tending to a mailing a postal time a completion (In both the cases the time taken is 21 days, which is ac tually the most extreme time accessible for the wedding). ? Utilize the Worked models and Problems and applications to improve your utilization of key quantitative and subjective methods, and work your approach to better evaluations in your assignments and tests. ? Follow up on the suggested readings toward the finish of every section. They’re extraordinarily chose to upgrade your learning and give you an edge in your course work. What's more, specifically, pay special mind to the references to MyOMLab in the content, and sign on to www. myomlab. com* where you can ? check and strengthen your comprehension of key ideas utilizing self-evaluation questions, sound outlines, activitys video clasps and the sky is the limit from there; ? practice your critical thinking with input, guided arrangements and a boundless flexibly of inquiries! We need Operations Management to give you what you need: a far reaching perspective regarding the matter, an aspiration to try that, and †obviously †accomplishment in your examinations. In this way, read on and good karma! Nigel Slack Stuart Chambers Robert Johnston * P. S. So as to sign in to MyOMLab, you’ll need to enroll with the entrance code included with every single new duplicate of the book. Further perusing in Operations Management Take your investigation and enthusiasm for tasks the board further with these driving course books composed by a similar group of master writers. Activities MANAGEMENT Sixth Edition Nigel Slack Stuart Chambers Robert Johnston Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies all through the world Visit us on the World Wide Web at: www. pearsoned. co. uk First distributed under the Pitman Publishing engrave 1995 Second version (Pitman Publishing) 1998 Third release 2001 Fourth release 2004 Fifth version 2007 Sixth release 2010  © Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Christine Harland, Alan Harrison, Robert Johnston 1995, 1998  © Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, and Robert Johnston 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010 The privileges of Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, and Robert Johnston to be identi? ed as creators of this work have been attested by them as per the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. All rights saved. No piece of this distribution might be repeated, put away in a recovery framework, or transmitted in any structure or using any and all means, electronic, mechanical, copying, recording or something else, without either the earlier composed consent of the distributer or a permit allowing limited duplicating in the United Kingdom gave by the Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd, Saffron House, 6â€10 Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TS. All trademarks utilized in this are the property of their separate proprietors. The utilization of any trademark in this content doesn't vest in the creator or distributer any trademark proprietorship rights in such trademarks, nor does the utilization of such trademarks suggest any af? liation with or support of this book by such proprietors. ISBN: 978-0-273-73046-0 British Library Cataloging-in-Publication Data A list record for this book is accessible from the British Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Slack, Nigel. Activities the board/Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Robert Johnston. †sixth ed. p. cm. ISBN 978-0-273-73046-0 (pbk. ) 1. Creation the executives. I. Chambers, Stuart. II. Johnston, Robert, 1953†III. Title. TS155. S562 2010 658. 5â€dc22 10 14 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 13 12 11 10 Typeset in 10/12pt Minion by 35 Printed and limited by Rotolito Lombarda, Italy The publisher’s arrangement is to utilize paper produced from maintainable timberlands. Brief substance Guide to ‘operations in practice’, models, short cases and contextual analyses Making the majority of this book and MyOMLab Preface Part Three PLANNING AND CONTROL xi xiv xviii To the Instructor xx To the Student xxi Ten stages to showing signs of improvement grade in tasks the executives xxii About the writers xxiii Acknowledgments xxiv Part One INTRODUCTION 1 Operations the executives 32 3 Operations methodology 60 268 297 333 340 373 406 422 429 457 495 520 2 Operations execution 10 The idea of arranging and control 11 Capacity arranging and control Supplement to Chapter 11 †Analytical lining models 12 Inventory arranging and control 13 Supply chain arranging and control 14 Enterprise asset arranging (ERP) Supplement to Chapter 14 †Materials necessities arranging (MRP) 15 Lean synchronization 16 Project arranging and control 17 Quality administration Supplement to Chapter 17 †Statistical procedure control (SPC) 267 Part Two DESIGN 4 Process structure Part Four IMPROVEMENT 539 18 Operations improvement 540 19 Risk the executives 571 85 20 Organizing for development 601 86 Part Five CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 631 21 Operations and corporate social duty (CSR) 632 Notes on sections Glossary Index 652 658 670 5 The structure of items and administrations 112 6 Supply arrange plan 138 Supplement to Chapter 6 †Forecasting 168 7 Layout and ? ow 177 8 Process innovation 206 9 People, occupations and association 233 Supplement to Chapter 9 †Work study 259 Contents Guide to ‘operations in practice’, models, short cases and contextual analyses Making the a large portion of this book and MyOMLab Preface To the Instructor To the Student Ten stages to showing signs of improvement grade in activities the executives About the creators Acknowledgments xi xiv xviii xx xxi xxii xxiii xxiv Part One INTRODUCTION 1 Chapter 1 Operations the board 2 Introduction What is tasks the executives? Tasks the board is significant in a wide range of association The inputâ€transformationâ€output procedure The procedure order Operations forms have various attributes The exercises of activities the executives Summary responses to key inquiries Case study: Design house organizations at Concept Design Services Problems and applications Selected further perusing Useful sites 27 30 31 Chapter 2 Operations execution 32 Introduction Tasks execution is indispensable for any association The quality goal The speed objective The reliability objective The ? exibility objective The cost target Trade-offs between execution goals Summary responses to key inquiries Case study: Operations destinations at the Penang Mutiara Problems and applications Selected further perusing Useful sites 58 59 Chapter 3 Operations technique 60 Introduction What is procedure and what is activities methodology? The ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ viewpoints The market prerequisites and tasks assets points of view The procedure of activities technique Summary responses to key inquiries Contextual investigation: Long Ridge Gliding Club Problems and applications Selected further perusing Useful sites 60 62 65 68 75 79 80 81 82 2 4 6 11 15 19 23 25 Part Two DESIGN 85 Chapter 4 Process structure 86 Introduction What is process plan? What impacts should process configuration have? Procedure types †the volumeâ€variety impact on process configuration Detailed procedure plan Summary responses to key inquiries Case study: The Central Evaluation Unit Problems and applications Selected further perusing Useful sites 86 87 88 91 96 108 109 110 111 Chapter 5 The structure of items and administrations 112 32 34 40 42 44 46 48 54 56 57 Introduction For what reason is acceptable plan so significant? The bene? ts of intelligent structure Summary responses to key inquiries Case study: Chatsworth †the experience play area choice Problems and applications Selected further perusing Useful sites 112 114 129 134 135 136 137 viii Contents Chapter 6 Supply arrange plan 138 Introduction The flexibly organize point of view Con? guring the flexibly organize The area of limit Long-term limit the executives Summary responses to key inquiries Case study: Disneyland Resort Paris (compressed) Problems and applications Selected further perusing Useful sites 138 140 142 146 155 161 162 166 167 Supplement to Chapter 6 Forecasting 168 Introduction Forecasting †knowing the alternatives basically estimating is straightforward Approaches to anticipating Selected further perusing 168 169 170 176 Chapter 7 Layout and ? ow Introduction What is design? The fundamental format types What kind of design should an activity pick? Nitty gritty structure of the format Summary responses to key inquiries Case study: Weldon Hand Tools Problems and applications Selected further perusing Useful sites 177 179 180 187 189 202 203 204 205 Chapter 8 Process innovation 206 Introduction What is process innovation? Understanding procedure advances Assessing process advances Implementing process innovations Summary responses to key inquiries Case study: Rochem Ltd Problems and applications Selected further perusing Useful sites 206 208 209 221 227 229 230 232 Chapter 9 People, employments and association 233 Introduction People in activities Human asset procedure 233 235 236 Organization configuration Job structure Summary responses to key inquiries Case study: Service Adhesives attempts again Problems and applications

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Organization Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Association Behavior - Essay Example He didn't ask on how much raise he would get when he was told about the advancement. Being in the organization, Michael accomplishes his objective as a worker and as an individual. Michael had a slight mishap when he discovered that there were two or three supervisors, who came in the organization later than him, were getting more significant compensations. The main comfort that he was thinking in the wake of perusing the notice was that he was the one given the biggest measure of increment. It appeared that regardless of whether he was putting forth a valiant effort, he was as yet given minimal measure of pay among the representatives with a similar status as his. There was a point that he needed to leave his place of employment and search for another that will give him a more serious pay than what he was accepting. He was confronted with the quandary however that in the event that he looks for another activity, he would be beginning his vocation all once more. He additionally thought of the negative impacts the organization will have when he leaves it for another. The organization may free bills and customers. He may annihilate the organization that he assist ed with working with his objectives and dreams. One reason why pay rates are stayed with classified by the among their workers is that it might cause jealousy and interests. It will transform a calm and beneficial spot into a troublesome one. At the point when Michael and Dave Burton got some answers concerning the errors on their pay rates, other than the undeniable envy that they believed, they needed to leave the organization. This is ignoring the reality how the organization have helped them and manufactured them to be the representatives that they are at this moment. If at any point Michael won’t quit his place of employment, the data that he knew would have positive and negative outcomes on him. He can make this data as a help for him to endeavor more. It isn't for his supervisor to see that he would require another advancement however yet letting his bosses see that he likewise merits a superior remuneration simply like different administrators. Then again, he may get disheartened and turn into

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Biology Essay Samples

Biology Essay SamplesHaving a Biology Essay Sample on hand can be useful if you want to come up with a more interesting essay on this topic. This will help you organize your thoughts and ideas properly. You can also get tips for writing this type of essay as well. Keep in mind that an essay on Biology can involve a lot of information so you need to make sure that you have all the relevant information before you begin writing.In Biology, there are four basic areas that you must take into consideration before you write your essay. It includes knowing how to grow plants and animals, for one. You also need to know about the environment that the creatures live in as well as the people that live in it.You also need to learn about different types of organisms, as well as how they interact with each other. You also need to know how they work together to make a living thing as well as the factors that allow them to do so. In addition, you need to know what conditions actually promote a partic ular type of life form or organism.When you are writing about biological problems, you need to study the anatomy of the creatures that you want to write about. For example, some creatures are herbivores and others are carnivores. You also need to learn how the living things live and what conditions are necessary for them to do so.One thing that you need to consider is the big picture. The living things that exist on earth are made up of cells, which work together to control every aspect of their existence. They include the air that they breathe, as well as the water that they drink.A living thing is made up of cells that work together to produce energy as well as support the different parts of their bodies. In order to live and to survive, they need to change into different forms that enable them to use the energy that they are supplied with. The cellular building blocks are called DNA, as well as amino acids.These and amino acids are what enable the biological processes that allow living things to live. These include photosynthesis, respiration, and the release of metabolic byproducts. You can learn about these processes when you are studying biology and how it applies to different organisms. You can also learn how they can affect the environment that they live in and how they can be affected by the people who live in that environment.The different biologics that you can learn about can be useful to you in your attempt to understand Biology better. There are many different types of these living things that you can learn about in order to better understand them. This will help you come up with an essay that is interesting and can be read by a wide range of people.

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The Very Best College Towns

The Very Best College Towns by: Jeff Schmitt on October 16, 2014 | 2 Comments Comments 6,753 Views October 16, 2014State Street in Madison, WisconsinWhat’s important to me in a college?You’ve probably asked yourself that question all year. By now, you can rattle off a long list. Academic reputation? Of course. The right job after graduation? You bet’cha! Tuition and financial aid? Join the club. The party scene? Well, just keep that one to yourself.By now, you’re buried in well-meaning advice from your parents, advisors, and peers. And you’re wrestling with the same fears as everyone else. Am I ready to move far away? Would I thrive or get lost on a big campus? Do I want to stay with my friends – or make a clean break? Once you start making campus visits, you’ll be asking a new question: Do I really want to live here?The â€Å"college experience† extends far beyond campus. The surrounding community comes with a certain â₠¬Å"vibe,† whether it’s artistic or entrepreneurial, traditional or counter-cultural, welcoming or reserved. For the next 3-5 years, you’re going to be part of that community. These people will become your friends, mentors, and network. And your surroundings will color your hardest lessons and happiest memories. After graduation, you’re bound to head back to that community (if you haven’t laid down roots there first).AN INDEX TO MEASURE COLLEGE COMMUNITIESTo help students measure the best communities for them, the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) released its annual â€Å"College Destinations Index† in October. An independent, non-profit research firm, AIER measures the student life, culture, economic health, and opportunities available to students in 75 communities ranging from Boston, Massachusetts to Fairbanks, Alaska.The index evaluates and ranks communities according to 12 criteria. They include the following:PopulationStud ent concentrations (Number of students per 1000 residents)Housing costs (Fair market rent for a two bedroom apartment)Accessibility (Percentage of residents who bike, walk, or take public transportation to work)Arts and leisure (Concentration of arts, entertainment and recreational establishments)Foreign-born students (Percentage)Innovation (Percentage of workers in innovative fields)Unemployment percentageEntrepreneurial activity (Net change in businesses per 100,000 residents over three years)Brain drain (Annual change in share of population with college degrees)Academic research and development (University dollars per student)College education (Percentage of residents with a Bachelor’s degree or higher)Earning potential (Median earnings)In addition, AIER’s index breaks communities into four categories: major metros (2.5 million or more residents), mid-size metros (1.0 to 2.5 million residents), small metros (250,000 to 1.0 million residents), and college towns (Unde r 250,000 residents). Page 1 of 512345 »